Authentic Worshiper

We created this book with you in mind. It is our journey of becoming authentic. We offer insight into how we should be authentic in every area of our lives (business, ministry, family, friends and relationship with God).


Soaking Journal w/Free Bookmark

Resting in the presence of God is an important part of a healthy spiritual life. We often talk to God without waiting to receive a response. Our Soaking seminars will train you to lead others into soaking and equip you with the tools you need to develop a lifestyle of rest.

As people have soaked in God’s Presence, they have experienced profound heart changes, marriages have been healed, fears dispelled, depression and sickness have left and their lives have been transformed.


Leader's Soaking Manual

This manual is to assist facilitators and their team members in directing their soaking prayer center. Included in the curriculum includes

  • foundations for ministry,
  • leading a soaking prayer center,
  • ministry team guidelines,
  • using the revelatory and spoken gifts of the spirit,
  • and how to minister to the unsaved.
As an additional bonus, we've included soaking center tips


Teaching Manual

Soaking is not a new phenomenon. Soaking is simply spending time in God’s presence, rather than striving. It’s about resting in His Presence, experiencing Him and choosing to be intimate with Him. God desires that we would know Him. We were each created in His image, created with a need for relationship. God made it possible for each of us to have relationship with Him by sending His son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. While we base our theology on the Bible, our experiences with God make the truth come alive in our hearts.

When we soak we focus on Him. Soaking puts us in a position where we are often more able to hear His voice and receive His love. It is also an opportunity for us to pour out our hearts to Him. It’s about living in and enjoying an on-going relationship with our creator.



As with the written word, so also with the voice and the musical instruments!

Soaking is a time to be ministered to by the Holy Spirit. Emerse yourself in the presence of God while the Holy Spirit ministers to your spirit.



Allow this thought provoking, soft, relaxing music to quiet your soul. Let the presence of God awaken your spirit, connecting your heart to His heart and your spirit to his Spirt as the lover of your soul.



The door hanger was created to make others aware that you are spending time with the Father. It is used to teach your family that when they see the sign on the door, not to disturb you as you are immersing yourself in the Father's love.


Journal Light

This excellent little gadget clips easily to your book or magazine providing a super bright light so that you can read easily without straining your eyes. Simply use the clip to attach the light to your book's cover/pages and adjust to your preferred angle.

The journal light comes in various colors.


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