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Grace unto you!

I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to learn not only what The Father's Touch Soaking Prayer Network is, furthermore, who I am! May God continue to reveal Himself to you through study and soaking! 

Apostle Maxine Wilson

Handpicked by God from amongst a family of great ministry gifts, the Holy Spirit reveals a precious gift found in the body of Christ, an anointed woman of God in the personage of Lady Maxine E. Wilson as the wife to Bishop Douglas Wilson, a mother, a prolific preacher, a praise and worship exhorter, a soaking prayer facilitator, an apostle, a prophet, an evangelist, a pastor, a mentor, a spiritual mother and a teacher. She operates under an awesome apostolic anointing, which distinctively ushers in the presence of the Holy Spirit and invites people to embellish God’s presence. Apostle Lady Maxine’s passion for genuine praise and worship provokes a stirring of God’s praises and draws every listener’s spirit into intimate worship with the Father. Her mandate is clear, Luke 4:18 “…to preach deliverance to the captive, recovery of sight to the blind, to release the oppressed and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

Her ministry expands beyond the senior pastorate of In His Presence Ministry, Petersburg, Virginia to encompass women developing covenant relationships and friendships as experienced through Hadassah’s Women Ministry (HWM) and Women Uniting Women (WUW). These ministries assist in reconciling women to God, therefore enhancing each woman’s intimate relationship with her Heavenly Father. Women are taught through the Word of God, that their relationships with others are only reflections of their relationship with God. While Hadassah’s is an “in house” ministry of In His Presence Ministry, WUW is an outward extension of IHPM women’s ministry. These ministries collaborate to edify the body, spirit & soul of the WHOLE Woman.

In 2013 and with the assistance of nine women, Apostle Lady Maxine established Covenant Fellowship (CAMB) which is a soaking prayer retreat. Yearly, women from all walks of life gather in fellowship for a weekend of refreshing, restoration and the sweet embrace of the Father's love.

Apostle Lady Maxine as well has been called by God to promote soaking prayer awareness to the neighborhoods & the nations and to teach the concepts of soaking prayer, which encourages a deeper intimacy with the Father. “Soaking Prayer” has become a vital component of Apostle Lady Maxine’s ministry. Philemon 1:20 admonishes us to …“refresh our hearts in the Lord.” Soaking sessions are “times of refreshing” in the presence of the Lord. During these cherished times, the hearts and minds of God’s people are turned towards Him in meditation upon His Word and peaceful submission into His presence. The cares and concerns of God’s people are laid at His feet, as His people direct or focus their attention to Him. This heavenly environment caters to a worshipful atmosphere saturated with the oils of incense, with sounds of flowing streams of water, set to an ambience of candlelight and music that sounds like the voice of God speaking directly to you!

“Soaking prayer positions your worship to grant total access into the presence of God!”

With the privilege to attend and graduate from “Catch the Fire” Soaking Prayer School, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, Toronto, Canada, she is certified and skilled as a Soaking Prayer Center Facilitator. She is the founder of The Father’s Touch Soaking Prayer Center (TFTSPC), Petersburg, Virginia, where soaking is held and taught every 4th Saturday. Apostle Lady Maxine is also an Eastern USA, Regional team member of Catch the Fire Ministries, Toronto, Canada, which keeps her in high demand to teach and facilitate Soaking Prayer Sessions in homes, in churches, in retreat centers, in halls of higher learning near and abroad.

The Father's Touch Soaking Prayer Center is an official Catch the Fire Soaking Center of Toronto, Canada. The Father's Touch Network is directed by Apostle Lady Maxine. She trains facilitators and establishes soaking centers whose purpose and goal is to "give the Father's love away". Apostle Lady Maxine's ministry team assists her in the Father's Touch Soaking Prayer Ministry. Since 2006, Apostle Lady Maxine has birthed 8 soaking centers including one in Columbia, South Carolina, one in Baltimore, Maryland, two in Petersburg, Virginia, two in Richmond, Virginia, and one in Fort Worth, Texas. She has introduced many churches to soaking prayer who now include soaking as part of their prayer time and life.

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